Nærvær, New Design Destination For Food Lovers In Copenhagen

It was a good week on the Copenhagen design accommodation and dining scene, Hotel Danmark and Skt. Petri, two design hotels, reopened after a greater restoration, and Norm Architects announced their latest architectural project and sweet spot for close and intimate gatherings called Nærvær. Nærvær means “Presence” and is about exactly that — being in the moment.

Welcoming Copenhageners as much as the rest of the world, it is a spot where locals and foreigners alike can share great and affordable wines from around the world, as well as a taste of the French kitchen. It is an intimate and high-end gourmet restaurant with seating for no more than 10 people.

The interior is very Norm, looking at the space you are really left with no doubt that the talented group is behind the project. I love that while it keeps true to a lot of the Scandinavian references, it is still new and modern, adding darker colors, darker woods, and new high-end materials, like velour.


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