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You got to appreciate what Ikea is doing to get all us design aficionados to visit their major warehouses. I admit I am not a huge fan and will deny going ever, if you would ask me. No kidding. Ikea definitely has a lot of get items. And soon they will launch yet another limited collection.

It will not be about the big gestures – the loud, the colourful and the overly decorative. Instead, this crafted collection displays love for design that makes a strong statement through the understated. Just pouring fresh water into a clear glass is in fact extraordinary spectacular.




Handmade all through, VIKTIGT is created in collaboration with Ingegerd Råman, one of Scandinavia’s most well-known glass designers and ceramists.

Besides discreet glassworks and ceramic sets, much is made from bamboo and natural fibre. It includes furniture, baskets, rugs, a couple of large lamps, bowls in different sizes and braided lids. Among my favourites are the black rattan chair, all the black serving plates and the small cute sofa. Read more about the collection here.




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