New Brands and Product Highlights From Stockholm Furniture Fair

Walking through aisle at Stockholm Furniture Fair (or any fair for that matter) is both exciting and extremely exhausting. There are so much to see, people to talk to, pictures to take, all while taking notes of everything good… and bad! I hope you guys liked my honest post last night, I often miss having an outlet for my rather critique tongue, as I don’t want to make this blog into all things bad, but keep inspiring, but I really also wants to share things that are not always up to par, because not everything is picture perfect.

Today is all things good, as I am sharing all the things I really liked, lets call it a round up of all things great that caught my eye at the fair. As you go through my highlights, you’ll find most are new lighting brands or new great lamps from existing brands, but nevertheless, they are all amazingly great and really deserves a spot in my list.

For full disclosure, I had already had a sneak peek at the collection of this new Danish lighting brand a while ago. Nuura is inspired by Nordic nature for its four-piece collection. Designer Sofie Refer, alongside co-founders Nadia Lassen and Peter Østerberg have realized a beautiful hand-blown collections that consists of raindrop-shaped pendants, chandeliers and modern table lamps. It’s definitely a task to find great chandeliers without serious crystal overload, that’s certainly not the case with Nuura. Favorites are the Blossi 8, which incorporates the latest LED technology stunningly, and Miira 4, which is just so simple and timeless, yet very handsome.

Klassik Studio
It was really quite the surprise to see Klassik Studio’s stand. Being an offshoot of coveted vintage reseller Copenhagen based Klassik, the new sub brand look not just to the past, but also to the future. Needless to say they have the biggest respect for pedigree pieces and combined with modern production techniques, Klassic Studio have handpicked some forgotten gems. Poul Volther’s Daybed and Kurt Østervig’s Hunting Chair was among the highlight but their collection in general is all worth a look, especially their glass and ceramic collection.

Shade is not an all-new brand, but new to me. It’s been around since 2015, founded by two engineers who wanted to create something magnificent with the many new technologies not being utilized sufficiently enough. Their one product is the Orb, a lamp that lets you change the color of your light, the lights intensity and the direction of the light, pretty cool if you ask me. All controlled by an app of course.

A new brand, formerly known as Northern Lighting, which is now a lot more than just lamps. In Stockholm the Norwegian brand launch a whole collection of furniture and interior accessories. It is simplicity at its best, spelled out in streamlined designs that are fun to combine and easy to clash and contrast. Smoked wood, twilight colors and strong silhouettes creating subdued moods, while subtle geometries and classic sensibilities add an elegant touch.


It was of course not all just new brands, but a lot of our favorite brands showed us new product launches, here’s a few that caught my attention.

Skagerak, Edge
Its no secret that I am big fan of Danish Skagerak, I’ve said it many times. The Edge collection in terracotta emanates from an ancient Greek-Egyptian tradition for craftsmanship – subtly poised between the raw and the refined. New to the collection is the Edge Wine Cooler, which will be a great help keeping your wine or fresh-made lemonade cold even during the hottest summer days.

Le Klint, Arc
While you might think of Le Klint as one of those very old-school lamp brands that you’ve seen in the corner of your grandparents, their newest collections are really interesting and bring a fresh new look to the 75 year old company. My new favorite design being the Arc collection by Manér Studio. Their inspiration came from Grundtvigs church in Copenhagen. Architectural features such as the curves and arches were incorporated into the collection, alongside the Le Klint signature pleats – all in a new and very modern look.

Anour, Divar
It was great to see Anour again. I’ve always loved the simplicity of the Anour collection, all just like subtle sculptures in the room and the materials, oxidized copper and browned brass are almost poetic. The Divar model is definitely one to check out and I think it would be a striking entrance lamp.

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