New Interior and Design Books You Need This autumn

Although I already have endless stacks of design and interior books, I still want more. Sometimes I just want to have some amazing interiors to be inspired by other times I want to learn something more about the designers I love. Today, I have found just four which should get you through the new couple of gloomy months. Pour a glass, light a candle, lean back and enjoy!

Robert Stilin: Interiors by Robert Stiling, published by Vendome Press, $60

The interiors of New York- and Hamptons-based designer Robert Stilin are renowned for their strong, clean lines; warm, rich palette; antique and vintage furnishings; and custom upholstery—frequently combined with modern and contemporary art. Fifteen of his finest projects are featured in this lushly illustrated volume. They range from city townhouses, apartments, and lofts to beach houses and country abodes. Whether the architecture is traditional or ultramodern, Stilin’s interiors exude a casual, comfortable elegance that he expertly tailors to the specific needs and taste of each client. Buy here [affiliate link]

The Home Upgrade, published by Gestalten, €39.95

Against a backdrop of growing cities and a changing approach to how we live, there are many reasons to refurbish a home. Our buildings must continue to evolve along with us—and that takes a little imagination. The Home Upgrade looks beyond big budget projects and explores homes where the seemingly impossible has been achieved. For architects striking out on their own, such projects offer the opportunity to flex their muscles and lead a project for the first time. Buy here [affiliate link]

Finn Juhl: Life, Work, World by Christian Bundegaard, published by Phaidon, £69.95

Finn Juhl: Life, Work, World is a comprehensive monograph on Danish architect, interior and industrial designer Finn Juhl. One of Denmark’s most renowned designers and one of the pioneers of the Modernist movement, he was known for sculptural wooden chairs e.g. The Chieftain Chair, and interiors for the United Nations Headquarters in New York and the ticket offices for Scandinavian Airlines. The book explores his journey from teenage art fanatic to design success, set within a broader narrative of Denmark’s culture for simplicity and craftsmanship. Buy here [affiliate link]

The New Mediterranean, homes and interiors under the southern sun, published by Gestalten, €39.90

The New Mediterranean shows you how to bring this sumptuous, sun-drenched minimalism into your own home. A welcoming, new, down-to-earth modernism is gaining momentum, from California to Morocco, Portugal to Mexico. This direction in interiors combines Mediterranean folkloric influences with a contemporary aesthetic—taking cues from sunny landscapes to embrace warmth, light, and organic elements. The New Mediterranean showcases inspiring residences and vacation homes around the world that combine rustic, earthy tones with colorful fabrics, ceramics, rattan furniture, and Berber carpets which are offset by whitewashed walls, concrete, brick, terracotta tiles, and glass – very soft minimalism. Buy here [affiliate link]

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