New Living Room Gallery Wall

I did it. I finally got my first ever real gallery wall made. Or at least started, because I don’t think you’ll ever really finish. Most of my pictures I have collected over many years and have been hanging or standing sporadically around the house, but with the new Frame TV up and Mr. LA here a few weeks ago, now was the time to get the gallery wall started.

I’ve dreamt about a proper gallery wall for so long, but it’s also kind of nerve wracking to just start making holes in the wall. We started with a plan on the floor, basically laid out all the frames I wanted up. And instead of nails, I bought home some Velcro strips for hanging pictures, super easy to use and strong enough to hold most pictures (only the biggest ones need a nail). Best of all, they don’t tear down the wallpaper after use.

As I said, we started with a plan, but ended up with something completely different. Pictures I wanted up, didn’t seem to fit the bigger pictures after all, so good thing I didn’t just start with all those nails.

Anyway. Here it is. I think it could use a few more at the very top – and I want one narrow one on the right to go between the two big ones. Other than that, I love it.

Disclosure: TV in press loan

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