New Modern Scandi Office with a Vintage Twist + Get the Look

I know you are all waiting in anticipation for more updates on the Topanga Home Thursday series, which will return next week, as I am back in the new house next week too. Luckily, I have something very similar in store for you today, it’s my new Copenhagen office makeover done on a budget together with Jotex.

It all really started with me wanting a bigger desk, I have a tendency to quickly compile and collect lots of brand material, note books, books, etc. and to be honest I hate to have to keep it super neat or even worse clear it out every day. Often when it is out of sight, it’s out of mind too. So good ideas might be lost if they are not kept out on my desk.

My office is in an open space on the second floor of my apartment connected to my bedroom, so obviously it can be too messy and it also needs to work with what I have already collected. I splurged on the new vintage desk a few months back. I found it vintage online. I was actually in two minds at first, because I don’t really have much vintage in my home, so would the desk look out of place with everything else being new and modern. But I just went for it.

Other than my desk, office chair and wall shelving unit I was pretty open – the overall theme was something cool, a little moody without having to paint the walls or going too literal ‘Man Cave’.


As I said, I teamed up with Jotex, as I (and you) really loved what I did with the balcony project with them, so I thought, why not continue by creating an office situation. Just as a reminder, check out the previous state of my previous office setup here.

And here is the end result. You can see I complete changed the layout of the room. Instead of facing the walls while working, I am now looking out into the room (I do have to get use to being a bit more distracted with being able to look out the window). I really like how it creates a little nook for me to sit in and with the added chair on the opposite site of the desk it now looks like I am taking meetings here too.

I am always looking for more storage space and really dislike the look of the heater on the wall, so with the very cool, simple and sleek black marble top bookcase I could hide it a little bit, but still be able to use it (the heater) if it gets too cold, which rarely happens. My apartment is so hot all year around anyway. I also added a nice big framed handwoven rug, which also helps hiding the heater, but just fits so perfect on top of it. My favorite part might actually be the woven wool rug. I really like the feel of it and the black/grey tones really just accentuate everything else in the room.

One of the things I think really make the room and something Jotex really excellent in, is the accessories. I found various big vases, which works with flowers or just as well alone, and added a few fun things to the wall shelving unit too. The big house head vase might seem a bit out of place, but I really wanted to add something a bit more fun and quirky, it’s not for everyone, but I am sure it will strike up some conversation.

I added the ceramic table lamp with a black velour shade which combines well with all the other black accents and mid-century styling.

On the front of the desk between two smaller cupboards is a little display shelf. I added the heavy terrazzo vase to my mix of vintage finds, which I really think brings that extra modern twist on it all.

So, there you have it: A Scandinavian mid-century office with a modern twist. What do you think of the updates I made?


If you see anything you like, here’s all my picks, all available via Jotex, but hurry, things tends to sell out quickly as they dont produce a lot of each item.

1. BROR framed rug / 2. ROUNDY decoration ball / 3. YRSA terrazzo vase / 4. THE RING decoration
5. PAWS black dish / 6. NANAIMO Chair / 7. RIO side table / 8. GUNNEBO small metallic vase
9. BUBBA white ceramic vase / 10. FORSEN glass vase / 11. HARDAS woollen rug / 12. SVENSSON table lamp
13. RODEO floor lamp / 14. ATLAN shelving unit / 15. PÅLLE house head vase


***Photography and styling by Allan Torp

Posted in partnership with Jotex. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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