New Scandi Trend: Tone-In-Tone

One of the biggest Scandinavian trends in interior right now is the tone-in-tone trend. Meaning you basically color coordinated pretty much everything in your home. The colors tend to be a lot warmer than the cold minimalistic all-white we have seen past years. Especially grey and brown tones have quickly been introduced. It is seen everywhere, but especially the Swedish stylists are really showing how it is done and a great example is the newly launched images for InMyCorner styled by Evalotta Sundling och Elin Kickén.

The new webshop is a collection of great posters and smaller accessories all created by local Swedish designers, photographers and illustrators. Especially Peytil’s “simple” graffiti like drawings court my eye.

// Styling by SundlingKicken & Photography by Kristofer Johnsson 

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