New Swedish Brand Apartment Stories

I have said this a number of times recently in conversion with friends; it all comes down to packing. Almost just as the product itself, the packing is just as important. Quite often, we don’t even care what’s inside the actual tube, as long as it looks nice. It might be bringing matters to a head a little too much, but you know what I mean. Best of course, is when the product and packing is both on point, which brings me to new Swedish brand Apartment Stories.

Recently launched web shop is showcasing limited products in a very nice, calming and easy for the eye way. Mirrors, floating stones, velvet pillows and mineral paperweight are all you find online right now, but with the nicely curated lifestyle images, you almost feel like you cannot live without any of them and start clicking home a paperweight you didn’t even need, but will end up loving.

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