New York Based TRNK Pops Up In Los Angeles

It did make a little celebratory jump when I saw TRNK made the announcement on Instagram that they were working on a pop-up shop at Platform in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the opening was just a week before my last visit, but that didn’t stop me from visiting my New Yorker friends in LA.

TRNK is founded by Tariq Dixon and Nick Nemechek (the latter has since parted ways with the company and actually we now have the joy of him in Copenhagen) in 2013 with a clear focus on targeting the aesthetically minded males from their online furniture resource. Not long ago TRNK also launched their own couch and armchair collection, which just got an update with new wooden legs (as seen on photos). Also brand new to their own collection is the beautiful Arc chair, which you can spot in a brown velvet in the picture below.’

While their showroom in New York is setup in an masculine apartment feeling their pop-up store is more an open clean urbanite space, but still very modern male focused. I suggest that if you are in LA to keep an eye out for future exciting events happening in the store, or just pop by for a chat and check out Tariq’s great eye for amazing interior including lots of Danish modern design.

TRNK is now open at Platform, 8840 Washington Blvd., Culver City.

// Photos by Allan Torp

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