Noah Surf House on Portugal’s Silver Coast

Grab your surf wax and your wetsuit and make waves at boutique stay Noah Surf House on Portugal’s Silver Coast.

Last month I was invited on a long weekend with friends to Noah Surf House, a part boho family beach hotel, part surfer’s retreat. It turned out to be one of those weekends where I woke up facing the tricky choice of what to do: surf, paddle boarding, run on the beach, hit the gym, try yoga… or simply just hang by the pool all day.

Upon arrival on a Thursday afternoon to Noah Surf House, which sits right by the sand in Santa Cruz, the calmest of Nazaré’s sister beaches on Portugal’s Silver Coast, I truly had the very best intentions of trying out everything, by Sunday afternoon, I had basically just dipped my toes in the pool and switched between sleeping and reading lying around on the sunbeds.

Before you judge, you have to understand, we arrived pretty sun deprived and just wanted a friendstation with lots of laughs, wine and poolside relaxation. I truly had all the best intentions, and we did manage to try out a workout session at the inhouse crossfit style gym and a few walks on the beach – we even jumped in the wavy ocean.

If you want, you can wake up with early morning yoga sessions, then head across the street to feel the sand between your toes and the waves under your board. And once your hair is suitably salt-tousled, rinse off and eat at the beachfront restaurant before retiring to the bar’s rooftop hot tub and gearing up to repeat the next day.

After sunbeds and afternoon wine, we eventually made it to the hotel’s fish restaurant, also known as Noah Beach House, which is as the name suggests, on the beach. It is built so you basically sit on the beach with the waves almost right below you and with a clear view to potential killer sunsets.

Another point, a very important one in fact, is that Noah Restaurant & Beach House and Noah Surf House Portugal have environmental and sustainability policies aiming at reducing the ecological footprint, through a process of environmental and social performance’s improvement. Solar panels generate 70% of the water heating needs (for showers and taps), rainwater harvesting system used in toilet flushing, garden watering (there is an organic garden with 12 chickens onsite as well) and throughout the hotel you get a sense of sustainability. The hotel is literally built with recycled or upcycled materials.

If you want a family semi-action-packed vacation this is for you indeed and if you are like us, as group of friends this is for you too, just check into one of the bungalows, where you can even cook your own food. We had one of the large bunk bed rooms, which was fun and comfy indeed, but also site-by-site with visiting families or other larger parties.


— I was invited by Noah Surf House Hotel, which means they covered all expenses in relation to our stay, flights & food excluded —

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