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First time I met one of the Nordal, was actually at a Scissor Sisters concert in Copenhagen (one of the best concerts I have ever been too actually). I rocked along the beats with Mads Nordal, CEO of Danish brand Nordal. Along with his brother Emil and sister Signe, they run the family owned company based in a small city in the countryside near Horsens. I really appreciate when the new generation takes over something their parents has started, and just make it into an even more successful business. Kudos to the new Nordals.

I asked them all a few questions about Nordal, what they expects for the 2016 and general questions about favourite things in life, just to get to know the three Nordals a bit better.


First of all, tell us about Nordal?

Nordal started in 1995 in an old cinema in the centre of Horsens. At that time we only imported old refurbished furniture from the British colonial period in India. We mostly sold the furniture for decoration in stores, nightclubs and for private people with a passion for their homes. It developed in time into more – we decided to take the step into the wholesale business.

Tell in short, who is the Nordals?

We are a family with passion for our company our homes and for each other. We all love colours, shapes and beautiful aesthetics around us, means a lot.

We are a strong hard working company with a team of people, who are all very close to each other in their daily work. But we also gives space for people to be creative and allow them to slowed a problem the way they think is best.


How would you describe the Nordal design DNA?

We go for our own taste our own style and not always what the trend dictate us to do. We might lose some turnover because of that attitude, but that’s how we work.

Favourite item from your current collection?

S: My personal favourite is our gold rack with jungle marble art. For me the bookcase is modern but with a twist of luxury hippie style. The jungle marble leads my thoughts to the nature and it’s a little wild, in a cool way.

M: I know that raw / recycled wood has been around for some time. But we made a new series in wood from Poland that looks so great, in a new and fresh way. If you combine it with some of our pots and glassware with brass, it’s really cool.

E: I like our pharmacy dresser w. drawers” I am a sneaker-addict so for me this item is a perfect way to keep all the sneakers together.


What do you guys hope to see more of in 2016?

S: I am crazy about the luxury hippie/ bohemia style with a twist of the more orderly hotel style. Materials are important, as always. I would love some more coolness in the homes.

M: I hope to see more blue, green, naturals and maybe a bit of light, pink colours. It can be in carpets, on clay, on iron, who knows. The style with raw clay pots and big cacti or aloe vera plants is not at all over. I also hope to see some cool patterns form Mexico, India or Ecuador. Something to spice up a bit the big Nordic trend that we have seen for some time now. Give it some – Attitude.

What do you think we will see less of in 2016?

The sweet Nordic style


What do you love most about your job?

E: Travelling and meeting other interesting people. The beauty about this job is the task of hitting the right tendency at the right time with the right products that just makes the whole thing very interesting for me. If I should find one word, I’ll say “tempo” I love that the tempo is very high in many periods.

S: I love to develop nice things, love to look at beautiful colours and shapes- it gives energy and it makes me happy.

What’s the most challenging part about working together as brothers and sisters?

E: It can be a task not to mix the private life and the working life together, but I think we are managing that task quit well normally. We are all three very focused on working when we are working.


What do you dream about?

E: Staying healthy and to be a part of this for as long as possible, of course together with the rest of the family. Maybe a very boring answer, but nevertheless, it is clearly important to me!

S: To continue to do things that makes me happy. Things that give me positive and good energy – it gives profit to try new things and challenge myself personally as professional.

What is the first thing you guys think about Monday morning?

E: After the coffee, I’ll say to give the guys at the warehouse a great start and to hear if they have had a wonderful weekend.

S: I do my meditation every morning but afterwards – Arrg a cup of coffee 🙂

What country have you always dreamt about visiting?

E: No doubt, I have to find time to visit Cuba before to long.

S: There are so many places to visit, but Cuba is the next on my list. But a big wish I need to refill before I turn 50 is to walk the Annapurna route in Nepal.

M: I need to go to Japan very soon. It’s a must.


Favourite city?

E: New York or Berlin…I have to say Berlin.

S: As I travel a lot – my favourite city is the small city, Sondrup – where I have my house and my home. But off course I love New York, Berlin and Amsterdam as well.

M: NYC. Just lived there for a year. I love the people, the style and the mentality: If you want to be somebody you have to work you a… off! And then Berlin. Barcelona. Santa Monica. And my own Copenhagen.

Favourite hotel?

S: Hotel Raas in Jodhpur India.

M: Six Senses. A resort where time´s standing still, in the right way

Favourite store?

E: Mercy in Paris. It is always an inspiring place to visit.

S: ABC in New York

M: I like a store that you know very well, but still keep surprising you every time you walk in. Like Anthropologie or ABC in NYC.

Which book are you reading at the moment?

E: Travelling to America – It is regarding Danes who took the long trip to America to follow the American dream in the early 18th hundred. Some of them manage to establish parks and green areas/architectures in Chicago, others became great politicians and some just had a really hard life living at the countryside somewhere. I find it incredible and I do have to biggest respect for those who gave up everything in order to chase their dreams. Here you can talk about getting out of your comfort zone and do something you find both difficult and scary.

S: I am right now reading the A Force for Good by Daniel Goleman. A totally other thing than design and decoration, colours and fashion – but it is a great book, so far.




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