Nordisk Spisehus. Århus. Denmark.

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Some of you might have seen already, I was in Århus today. I had the pleasure of eating lunch at Nordisk Spisehus there. It was truly a great experience. Not only is the food very tasty and presented nicely on the Hammershøi tableware by Kähler, the service is also extremely friendly (and handsome) and the interior is a great mix of a lot of favourite Danish designs.

The Michelin worthy menu changes every second month. For dinner you have the choice of a 3, 4 or 6 course menu accompanied with a wine tasting menu. For lunch, which I got, you can choose as many smaller dishes as you want between 7 different servings. I had four courses, which was just perfect. I let the waiter choose for me. He ended up serving me shrimps, brioche and dill to start with, then steak tartare, salad and tomato, which in my book are always a winner. Then veal sausage, apple and thyme and finally three fine cheeses, crisp-bread and honey.

Nordisk Spisehus try to work with as many local farmers as possible and choose organic and biodynamic whenever they think it makes the food experience better. For example the veal I got, was from an organic farm on Fyn.

The interior is very nicely done with design lamps by Lightyears and andtradition and a lot of great icon furniture pieces by Finn Juhl, Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen. Kähler is a dominant part of the tableware and vases throughout the restaurant. All in all a perfect decor for a design lover.

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I was invited to try out the lunch by Nordisk Spisehus. The words, opinions and images are made by me.

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    July 3, 2015 at 08:48

    Gorgeous pictures! The food sounds amazing, seems like Århus is a place I should visit soon!

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      July 3, 2015 at 11:13

      You should really go. There is a lot to see in Århus actually. And many great places to eat and drink coffee 😉

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