Norr11 Just Added 3 New Lamps to Their Collection – And They’re SO Dreamy

It is so secret I am a big fan of Norr11. I really like how they in recent year have turned the brand around and once again made it a brand to consider in the interior. Just last week in Cologne Norr11 unveiled a new collection of 3 new lamps, which are all stunning. Not sure I can pick a favorite, because they are all truly great new additions to the existing Norr11 lighting and furniture collection.

The new lamps include: the Yo-Yo lamps, which is characterized by two circular opal glass shades placed opposite each other creating different layers to obscure the light source. The Décor collection is a highly minimalistic and simplified lamp design, based on sleek iron profile casing and a cylinder opal glass shade with a clear reference to the 1930s Art Deco. Finally, Frames, a dynamic pendant lamp consisting of 72 joints, with each handmade frame produced in FSC certified massive oak.

I really like all three new collections, and both Yo-Yo and Décor comes in different variations (pendant, wall, table and floor).

Obvious, it is not just all about the new lamps… can we just for a moment appreciate the new images they created for the new launch, which features the entire Norr11 furniture collection, including the new chunky Gear coffee table, the new Little Big chair, and a new version of the Madonna sofa (which we might have ordered for the Big Bear cabin).

The lamps will hit the stores during 2020, so you just have to keep an eye out on their website.

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