NorthModern Week: New Works

Bungalow5_New Work_1

Objects that use strong and honest materials to defy gravity, create mesmerising patterns, and emit a radiating inner glow; New Works continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art and design.

If you are not quite familiar with New Works you might have seen their bold Kizu table lamp combining white marble and white acrylic as many bloggers love this lamp, and it sure is easy to see why.

Bungalow5_New Work_3

The new collection consists mostly of more new lamps, all lamps that doesn’t just functions as lamps, as they are all small contemporary art pieces in itself. The Moiré Wall Light demonstrates the matching sensations of touch and interaction. The warmth of layered copper patterns creates an every-changing illumination of shapes and forms.

I really also enjoy the new slim frame Covent Dining Chair, which almost looks like a floating cocoon. A chair that has paired traditional craftsmanship with a truly modern form.

But now you have to excuse me, as I too, want to go get that Kizu lamp.

Bungalow5_New Work_2


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