NorthModern Week: Stelton


They didn’t really present at north modern, but I still think Stelton deserves a little post, as I haven’t yet shared their latest collection, which was presented just before the summer holiday.

Even though Stelton’s news for the Autum are mostly new colours on existing productline, I do want to highlight the Collar collection designed by Italian design studio Something. The coffee culture seems never-ending, we drink more and more coffee and we only want the best of the best. Many love being their own home baristas, and I am guessing that is a market Stelton want to buy into – and Collar is definitely a very good way to do so.

The Collar collection features a coffee grinder, sugar bowl, milk jug and espresso maker, all visually linked by cylindrical containers that taper towards the bottom. The Collar range goes very well with the Theo collection and even a black EM77, so in no time you should be able to brew your own better than the best coffee in your own kitchen.






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