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Home safe and sound. Sitting on a plane for 11 hours will never be my favourite cup of tea. Back in the real world, no more 35 degrees, no more sipping drinks by the pool, or cruising down the coast sunset hunting. Next brand in my dedication to new designs this week is ferm living.

This autumn ferm living can finally call themself a full-on “decorate-your-entire-house” brand, meaning that you now find everything you need for your home within the ferm living portfolio. New to the brand are lamps, a new collection of make-your-own lamps was kind of the last thing that you could get ferm living up until now. I really love the endless possibilities of making your own, which I really appreciate making that personalised home we strive for these days.

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The new slim glass vitrine is definitely a new favourite of mine. The vitrine is really an overlooked piece of furniture that I am sure we will see a lot more of in the near future. The open shelving is pretty, but also extremely annoying if you do not have cash to hire a full-time cleaning lady. The new glass vitrine does not come cheap though.

What would a vitrine really be without a proper glass collection to place inside? ferm living got you covered, also new, is the retro inspired mouth blown rippled glass collection. I like it. And on the plus side, easy to store. Same glass collection also comes in a ceramic collection. Nice work ferm living.

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Bungalow5_Ferm Living_AW16_2

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The fully alert reader might recognise the stunning background and setting in the lifestyle images – it is in fact, the private residence designed for renowned Danish photography Peter Krasilnikoff.



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