November Wishes

What a month. Not only did I get married, but also got to explore Boston and Vermont with great friends, and literally spent just one night in Copenhagen before a long weekend in Madrid. As you can imagine, I haven’t had a lot of time to blog, but I have plenty of time to reflect, which means I will be starting new routines, including getting back into shape, starting now. One of the things I want to start, is this new monthly post, a sort of wish list for the coming month.


Intentions and wishes. In November I want to…

  • Get up early every day. I want to sit by my computer by 5AM for a couple of hours before going for a cardio gym sesh. This month will be all about structure. I got very inspired by Sorelle’s #LivingLikeCasey project.
  • Spend a night at Nimb hotel. I am working on a Copenhagen hotel guide, so checking into a few hotels I haven’t already tried out yet.
  • Eat a healthy homemade porridge every morning with bananas and apples.
  • Get my balcony winter ready
  • Create more content, hence my more structured schedule.

I really look forward to…

  • Starting the interior process of the guesthouse in Los Angeles. We finally finished the renovation, so now we are just waiting for the kitchen to arrive and furniture, which should all arrive before me a few weeks from now.
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving in the Big Bear cabin with friends.
  • Days where the air is crisp, but the sun is out. Perfect for a long walk around Copenhagen.

I am gonna listen to…

… Robyn’s new album Honey over and over again. I have literally been a fan since the very beginning.

I am gonna watch…

Boy Erased. I love going to the movies and I always have a few on my watch list when I go to LA. This one is no exception!

I am gonna read…

Normal People by Sally Rooney. I’ll be packing this highly recommended book on my next trip across the Atlantic. Admirers say that 27-year-old Ms Rooney is the first novelist to capture the day-to-day lives and loves of early twentysomethings now.

Dreaming about…

… taking Mr. LA on road trip across Denmark. There are so many places throughout the country I haven’t seen – I guess it’ll have to wait until spring.



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