One Perfect Day: 24 hrs in Paris

One my of old friends asked me if I was up for a quick day trip to London, but I said I’d rather go to Paris, we ended up staying one night, but I fell like you could in fact easily, if you live anywhere in Europe, take a day trip to Paris. The city is easy to get around in, either with Über or the underground Metro. If you have never been in Paris before, I would recommend a few more days to cover the bigger landmarks, I mean you can spend days just visiting the Louvre. If you do decide to stay for one or two nights, check out Hotel de Nell, a very charming and very local hotel.

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If you only have one day, you need to visit at least one landmark, I would definitely go up the Eiffel Tower. I would suggest you get an early start – either fly in early and drive directly, or just start your day here – they open at 9. This way you can skip the long lines, which will happen later in the day and check one of the most recognisable landmarks of your bucket list. Even if you have been up the tower before, go again, the view is spectacular and so magical.


Now it’s time for coffee, or rather a walk and then coffee. Speaking of walking, if you follow this guide you will end up walking around 12 km., I really enjoy walking when I visit different cities, as you see much more, you see things you wouldn’t from a taxi or underground. On my visit I came across a little cute courtyard, where you’ll find the nicest outdoor coffee shop, Honor. Very good coffee, worth the walk, really!

Le Richer is the perfect little place for a quick lunch before you hit Rue Saint-Honoré aka. the street with all the lux stores. I am sure you didn’t just fly to Paris just to see a couple of churches and eat macaroons right? No. Go spend some of those hard earn cash of yours. It really shouldn’t be a problem here.


Sit back and watch the world pass you by on Le Palais Royal best enjoyed with a cup of coffee from Café Kitsume and mouth-watering cakes from Le Cake Shop in Mandarin Oriental.

Walk towards the Shakespeare and Company bookshop, which will take you right pass Musee du Louvre and cross Pont des Arts. The bookshop is just a must visit on every Paris trip, its always worth the walk.

Before you make your way to dinner at Saturn, you will walk right pass Notre-Dame and Le Centre Pompidou, both definitely worth a stop. At Saturne remember to order the secret tasting menu paired with great wines from the massive wine selection.

If you have any more miles left in your feet after a long day, then you should get a cocktail based only on French ingredients at Le Syndicat. It has that “hole in wall” feeling, ery low key, and a lot of locals come here.




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    natalie james
    September 28, 2016 at 12:52

    thanks for your article, Im always on a look out for tips for a quick trip to Paris. Please can you tell me the name of the square in your first image with the black and white striped pillars.

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      September 28, 2016 at 13:36

      You are so very welcome. Thats Le Palais Royal…

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