One Perfect Day: 24 Hrs. In Vienna


Autumn in Vienna. The pavement cafés lining the backstreets of the capital are dismantled and turned back into parking spaces for its people, as they return from their holidays and second homes. School starts again; to the chagrin of most children and overwhelming relief of all parents I am sure. I explored Vienna for a couple days last month, and I don’t think I have ever experiences any other city so calm and clean anywhere in the world. Everything from all the white, creamy mansion all over town to the cities many parks and squares. This might be one of Europe’s best kept secrets, and even though the city might come across a little bit dull because if it extreme feeling of peace and quiet, it was just what I needed – a no rush-hour city. I checked in at the beautiful and super local Guesthouse Vienna if you were wondering.



Vienna is old. Like super old. Walk into one of the many mayor churches you’ll quickly find yourself walking the same floors as millions before ever since the early 1100. You at least have to visit two churches; a couple of the biggest and oldest ones are just around the corner from Guesthouse Vienna actually.



The history of art museum is definitely worth a visit, I found the art itself a little bit boring, but the high ceiling rooms and especially the main stairs is worth a visit.

There are plenty of shops, but one you should map out to visit for some locally, handmade pieces is feindinge. A great porcelain store, where the shelves are stacked with vases, lamps and tableware, most of them in white, charcoal or pastel colors. Read my comprehensive feature on the store here.


Before venturing on for a stroll in the beautiful Belvedere gardens, you should make your way through the narrow streets to the little corner bakery Joseph Brot, which is hailed as the best sourdough in Vienna, made entirely by hand. From there, just before sunset , make your way to the Belvedere gardens, which is not only beautiful itself, but the view from atop is just breath-taking.


For dinner you ask? When in Austria you need to have the Wiener Schnitzel at the very popular Figlmüller Wollzeile. I do recommend booking a table before going. The atmosphere might be a bit hectic and a bit too touristy, but its worth it. After this experience, all you want to do is to crawl back into bed.



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