Optimizing A Design With Danish Designer


Even though Jørgen Rasmussen designed one of the most iconic office chairs with the (maybe even more) recognized wheels in 1958 his name is still relatively unknown by most people. Since 1989 Danish Engelbrechts have set the scene across the world and since they took over the production of the Kevi chair in 2008, they have continued to and put themselves and Mr. Rasmussen back on the map.

Besides Jørgen Rasmussen Engelbrechts collaborate with renowned Danish designers such as Erik Magnussen and Anders Hermansen with a product portfolio spanning from stackable chairs to the more exclusive office Joint chair. Most recognized is still the Kevi chair, a favorite and preferred choice among many.

Engelbrechts have certainly seen the bigger potential in the Kevi chair. In 2016 they started to target high-end interior store, which really moved the chair from universities and schools to private home. Recently they also launched new legs and new upholstery, which again makes it easier to use around the entire house, like around the dining table.

If you want to know more about Jørgen Rasmussen, I highly recommend reading more here including watching the 1:30 min short interview about his design.

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