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It has truly been a great summer. Okay, the weather has not been the best in Copenhagen, but I have been fortunate enough to travel a few times and I am not quite done with telling you guys about my Sunny Design Days in Spain with the other design bloggers.

In Valencia, a city I really want to explore more, as we only had less than 24hrs there (check out Igor’s post about our quick city exploration), we visited the great and super stylish outdoor brand, Gandia-Blasco. I have always dreamed about a house in Spain with a huge pool surrounded by bright lounge furniture – when that happens, Gandia-Blasco will be my first choice. I could easily see myself blogging from one of those big outdoor daybeds.


Obviously enjoying outdoor life is what characterises Gandia-Blasco, originally started in 1941 by José Gandía-Blasco and a business partner as a company making blankets and bedspreads. After not being able to find the right furniture for his new home in Ibiza José, who joined his fathers company in 1983, asked his architect to design some furniture for him. The result was a series of outdoor furniture with geometric shapes and right angles, just like the architecture of the Ibiza homes in pure white.

In connection with the factory you find the Gandia-Blasco home. We were all welcomed inside by José alongside with his kids, Alejandra and Alvaro, who also works for the family business. After a short presentation we all jumped the pool, ate a beautiful lunch and then jumped the pool again – dreaming about living here or in the company house in Ibiza.



Photography by Allan Torp. Susanna Vento and Gandia-Blasco

Our tour and events was part of the Design Bloggers United Spain tour, and arranged for us by Spanish Design Companies Association RED (Reunión Empresas de Diseño). It’s formed to promote the spanish design in international markets.

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