Pared-down Purity Meets Warm Minimalism in Vintage Californian Cabin

With Mr. LA in the UK for the week, I feel like it is okay to cheat. The thing is artist and designers Mason St. Peter and Serena Mitnik-Miller, the couple behind General Store in LA and SF and the authors of Abode: Thoughtful Living with Less, are selling their Topanga Canyon house – and not with Mr. LA. So, I almost feel like cheating featuring this low-key, DIYed 1920s cabin.

I am sure he will get over it, as it is just too good not to share. It is blissfully simple. Minimal and still supremely cozy. Tucked away behind the Great Wall of Topanga, steps from the trails of the state park and minutes from our house, you’ll find the house.

With whitewashed floors, walls and ceiling throughout and a warm wooden façade, the entire house is swathed in natural light with skylights – and with a marble and plywood kitchen as the centerpiece and heart of the open living space. It is a two-bedroom, 1 bath, so a house on the smaller side, but high on the cozy factor.

It is cute right? Could you imagine living here? Keep in mind you would have me as your neighbor, that a big plus!

I’ll be heading up to Montecito tomorrow, I haven’t been out the canyon all weekend, so it will be good to get a change of scenery for a change.

Photography courtesy of Canyon Haus

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