Perfect Imperfect Ariake Installation

After a long era where everything in the interior had to be straight lines, consist of only black white and the occasional grey, we are entering a time where perfect is imperfect. Where handmade is better than mass produced, where browns and earthy colors are top trendy, and where sustainable approach is more important than ever. I already talked a bit about this new era in my first post of 2018, the new conscious nature, you might remember? If not, go read it (again).

While I am still comprehending all the input I got at my visit to the Stockholm Furniture Fair this week, I just have to share this private residence in a building dating back to 1895. It really was the highlight of the week. A very unique installation, a perfect imperfect setting done by Annaleena with so many great new pieces by Ariake and Wastberg.

Launched just last year,Ariake is a furniture brand created by a joint venture between Legnatec and Hirata Chair, two factories from the furniture-producing town of Morodomi in Saga prefecture, Japan. The 30-piece collection made from oak, ash, hinoki (Japanese cypress), cedar, leather, paper cord, cotton canvas, and a lot of very unique finishes. I love how Scandinavian and Japanese design goes hand in hand and you’ll also find great pieces by names like Anderssen & Voll and Norm Architects.

// Photos by Allan Torp

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