Perfect New Year’s Eve Setting

Laying on a spread this New Years Eve? I teamed up with iittala to reveal what makes a terrific table.

Don’t go to matchy matchy, there is just nothing worse when things looks too beautiful but just too matchy. Very often at restaurants you see table settings that match the food but maybe the cutlery falls badly on the plate. If there is one night where you should bring out the neat fabric tablecloth it surely is New Year’s Eve, don’t even thing about paper ones. Make either the napkins or plates stand out – plain plates with colorful or patterned napkins or vice versa. The table I have set is with pieces from different iittala collections – Teema and Kastehelmi plates and Essence and Ultima Thule glasses.

Don’t overdue glasses and cutlery – too many just intimidate people. If you are lucky enough to have inherited silverware from grandparents, bring it out. Take the time to properly polish it. You can get the stainless steel iittala Citterio on sale right now (not featured).

I love to personalize the table and handmade name cards are definitely one to consider and one of my favorites; they make the experience so much more intimate and memorable. Instead of name cards, I added fun party favors, which I am sure will make people smile. I think it really is those little home touches that make all the difference

Other small things to consider. Line up the table, no table wobble. Make sure to add fresh salt to the pot, nothing worse than a soiled salt pot. You want the table to feel full, informal and almost messy because that’s what encourages hearty eating – so my suggestion for the new years table, go all in on glitter and streamers. You might want to rethink the tablecloth, as chances are you’ll end up with guests worrying spilling food instead of fully enjoying themselves.

Remember it should be fun. Don’t take everything too serious. You are entertaining in your own home and it is not a restaurant, so don’t try to make it into one. Everything doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned. The best meals and evenings are those where people are themselves and relaxed – make it homey, make it you.

// Styling and photos by Allan Torp

Paid partnership with iittala. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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