Plant Tribe: A Must-have Book Exploring the Positive Impact Plants Have On Us

Plants is a big part of our interior and even our lives. They help brighten up our soul, as in even said to help with anxiety, all while spreading good energy and purifying the air. It makes sense to surround yourself with plants. If you are anything like me, who is just presenting to know what he is doing when it comes to plants – I am much better with outdoor plants than indoor ones, believe me – it’s a good idea to get help from experts. Co-founders of the hugely successful Urban Jungle Bloggers community, Igor Josifovic, my friend, a social media consultant and longtime blogger based in Munich, and Judith de Graaff, a Dutch designer living near Paris, have done it again. After the success of their first book Urban Jungle book, they have now published ‘PLANT TRIBE / Living happily ever after with Plants’ by Abrams Books.

Plant Tribe is divided into six chapters, exploring the best ways to live with plants and even what plants can do for us – namely: love, good energy, happiness, well-being and creativity – with 17 plant-filled homes in between. On their journey around the world, from US to Europe, we get a peek inside the homes of plant loving people, here their stories and get their insight to why plants should be part of your life and décor – some pack in 50 plants others more than 300.

The many stories throughout is definitely my favorite part. I love seeing how people decorate themselves, especially when you have more than 300 plants. It is a very diverse group of people that Igor and Judith have visited demonstrating the positive impacts plants can have on us, no matter where we live or what we do.

You also get a lot of great tips such as how to live with pets and plants, simple plant styling tips, how to make sure your plants survive while you’re on holiday and a very cool room-by-room plant guide. Plant Tribe is full of great ideas on how to take care of your plants and is most definitely a great compendium you should have in your home.

Photography by Kvítka v bytě and Jules Villbrandt.

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