Pop-up by Greenify + Briefs & Beaters


I love pop-up store. Even more, when its a pop-up with something unexpected, like the new store by Greenify + Briefs & Beaters. Geenify is plants; Briefs & Beaters is underwear for men. Pretty strange combo at first, but it sort of makes sense – just wait.

Ps. there is a discount code at the bottom of this post.


Greenify is trying to make Copenhagen a greener place. They offer ready-made plant solutions, like a window boxes or green plants in pots delivered straight to your door. I love the idea that I don’t have to carry home, pots, plants and soil – just click home your plant including everything.


So when Greenify is busy making Copenhagen a greener place, then Briefs & Beaters is busy making the guys “greener” too. They have created their own men’s underwear brand, including a super soft and hypoallergenic collection made in bamboo.


So what seems to be a strange combo is not so strange anyway. As I see it, they both help us think greener and make the world a better place. And you could also think it like, a shop with something for the women to buy, while the men try on super cool underwear. Super stereotyped I know.


You can visit the pop-up store at Istedgade 108 – or use the code “popup15” on both webshop to click home plants or new underwear.


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