Rearranging Your Bookshelves 101

Styling a bookshelf is one of my favorite things to do, as it really shows of one’s personality and it is such an easy thing to do to elevate and change the look of a room. It really doesn’t get any easier – and the best part, it won’t cost you anything.

So where to start? I suggest you start with a clean canvas, meaning empty the entire bookshelf and create piles of all the stuff you want to display on the floor e.g. books, frames, vases, plants, boxes, little trinkets that you’ve brought home from vacations – you might even add to the piles with other pieces you want to add to the new final look.

Then you can start. Go with the largest items first. Then add the books. The ones with the pretty spines you should show others you can just turn. If you have pretty bookends you can use those or just stack them two to three high to create levels.

Now add all the fun things. A pretty vase, a tray, or a picture. A golden rule is to group your items in threes and think about height, all while creating a balance in your shelf. Don’t be afraid of moving things around to the items finds their perfect spot and don’t be afraid of empty space within your shelf.

Have fun with it, don’t overthink it. With these few tricks you can make your home look and feel better now, and also give you joy in the long term. 

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    April 15, 2020 at 18:17

    Hej Allan
    Tak for post!
    Hvad hedder din fine reol

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      April 16, 2020 at 09:32

      Mange tak. Den er fra Vitsoe og er deres 606 Universal Shelving System.

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