Recyclable and Reusable Gift-Wrapping Should be on Everyone’s Gifts this Year

I have always enjoyed spending time wrapping my presents. Some years it’s been a theme, others I’ve just use whatever I had at hand, but always with that something extra. However, spending money on wrapping paper, bows, ribbon etc. is basically throwing away money. It is literally designed to be torn and tossed away. What a waste.

In Denmark alone, we use more than 800 tons of wrapping paper every year. Paper that is not suitable for recycling, as it often contains some sort of plastic wrap and glitter. Needless to say, it takes massive amounts of water, energy, wood, and chemicals to produce the shiny wrapping paper. And Americans spend 7 billion dollars on wrapping paper each year, which won’t be recycled, and most likely end up in landfills.

Stay away from anything with glitter. It is basically made from tiny pieces of plastic that potentially will end up polluting the oceans. No one wants to eat plastic. Nor would Santa.

I think it’s about time to NOT wrap in wrapping paper and tie it all up in polyester ribbon. Why do we even keep doing it? These days things that are harmful for the environments are being banished; straws, single use utensils etc. So, why is it so difficult for us to give up wrapping presents?

Until we all get to the conclusion that wrapping gifts is such as waste, then lets at least stick with paper that is less harmful, like basic brown paper or reusable gift bags. Spruce them up with a twig of evergreen, a dehydrated orange slice or a stick of cinnamon. Or make your own gingersnaps and use them as the nametags. As for the ribbon, save any ribbon from gifts you receive throughout the year and reuse it, and instead of tape, opt for washi tape, which is made from natural fibers and can in fact be recycled with your brown paper if you need to.

Again, we are so good a reusing so much else around Christmas, e.g. ornaments and other decorations. Why should the festive wrapping not get the reuse treatment?

Photos via Local Milk, issys_happiness, All Things Green.

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