Reflections On Quarantine Blogging and Routines

On Monday Denmark is moving into the so-called phase two of the reopening of the country – and the same happens all over Europe with people out on the streets again after weeks of being inside their homes. Throughout this quarantine I have learnt things about myself I didn’t see coming. Obviously, it going to be great to be back to a somewhat “normal” state of mind again, but it’s also with a little bit of anxiety.

I am not going to lie, in the beginning, I just continued what I have been doing for years – kind of autopiloting it. I even crumbled and downloaded TikTok thinking it would be fun for me to start posting there too. NO! Just NO! And then a week in reality hit hard, this would not be over in a few days. Quite frankly, it made me sad. Like really sad. As a person who is quite content with being on his own, I knew I needed to change things up a bit to get through it all without breaking.

Business has certainly not been easy. Most jobs got cancelled. And pretty much every brand has closed their marketing budget for now. I would like to see more brands helping the industry keep alive too, but that’s a whole other story. With slow business, I knew I needed to really pick myself up to keep posting. Instead of moaning about lost jobs, I consciously decided to make it my mission to post Monday to Friday keeping the weekends free. I do well with a clear structure. It also taught me a pretty valuable lesson: What I do for work is WORK. I haven’t changed how or what I post about drastically, I have opened up a little bit more, and I have still posted on days where I haven’t felt like it.

Thankfully I have seen a lot more of you guys slide into my DMs on Instagram. It has been amazing. I love having conversation about everything and nothing, getting to know you better. It really makes it all worth it.

Social distancing has actually meant that I have been connecting with family and friends more than ever the last two months – Facetime dinners, goofing with friends on zoom, and cocktail nights. While my green card process and my move to LA has been set on hold for now, I know it will happen eventually. I also hope that this new approach to connecting with each other will continue, because at some point, I will be on 1000 miles apart from my immediate family and lifelong close friends.

Another thing I would never have seen coming in a million years, is me becoming the kind of guy who would wakes up before 6, bike 6k, only to jump in the cold ocean for a quick dip. But here I am, really enjoying it. Three times a week, I have undressed on the pier at 7am and jumped in the water. I have done the daily dips before, but not this early of the year. I usually wait until end of summer, as the water are much warmer at that point. Right now, the water is about 10°C (50 F).

I hope that my new normal and routines, won’t go back to pre-quarantine normal, as I quite like them. They say it takes about 21 days to form a new habit, so there is hope for some of my newfound normal. I am glad I have been forced into adjustments, maybe this was the kick I needed after 10 years of blogging.

Blog or no blog – have you picked up any new habits you would like to keep after the quarantine?

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