Reform Hacks It Again With Today’s Hottest Scandinavian Designers

Last week what design heaven in Copenhagen, I guess you could call it fashion week for the interior nerds and lovers. It is also a welcoming way to see and meet so many colleagues from all over, which I think is the best part. Many of the great brands we all love use the week to launch new products or open newly renovated showrooms, many of which are not normally open land for the public.

One that is always open to the public is the Reform showroom. However, last week we finally got to see the real deal of Chris L. Halstrøm’s new IKEA hack kitchen – and what a beaut. Chris has worked a lot with the handle has become a part of the entire front, basically framing the front in an origami-like way.

Also launched last week, were two new sideboards, one designed by Swedish Afteroom and one by Note Design Studio. The concept is the same as we know from the Reform kitchens, you get the inside Metod cabinet from Ikea, and fronts, sides and top from Reform.

I personally love them all – and would love to hack my own kitchen with Chris’ new design. Note that Reform can alter the fronts to fit any kitchen, so you do not have to have an Ikea kitchen to make this work.

Pictures by Allan Torp

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