Reform your Ikea kitchen like no other


I promise you, this is the IKEA hack you want to hear about. Danish company Reform have joint forces with non other than three of my favourite Danish architects; BIG, Henning Larsen Architects and Norm Architects, who will redesign your Ikea kitchen in the most mind-blowing way. The new kitchens are showcased for the first time at northmodern – and I saw them. Touched them. Fell in love with them. And now thinking about, how I can break into northmodern after hours, break down at least one of the kitchens and reinstall it in my own kitchen, without anyone noticing.



BIG is currently one of the most renowned architectural firms in the world, and now they have specially designed a kitchen for Reform. The design is characterized by novel features, as is their architecture. All handles are made from a material we are familiar with, just not from our kitchens. They are made of black seat belt fabric, usually used in cars. As such, the kitchen gains a hyper modern quality.


The kitchen Henning Larsen Architects has designed is a beautiful combination of warm and cold colours and materials. The kitchen is available in two editions with different options for combining the elements: One is made of oak veneer with a beautiful band of copper strip, while the other is spray painted white or black with a steel band in the same colour.



The natural materials Norm Architects uses in their design have rarely been used in kitchens before and give away an extraordinary clean, but at the same time raw expression. Carrying no handles, it presents a table top covering the entire surface and adding to it an exquisite finish – like the best design furniture. The common thread, which identifies Norm Architect’s projects, is the recognisable, clean and geometrical expression. Simple, natural and authentic are the code words for Norm Architects.

I really cannot decide which I like best. One moment it is Norm’s, next it is BIG’s, but I also really love the one by HLA. You see my dilemma, I am sure I cannot get all three out of northmodern, carry them to my bike without anyone seeing me. Or what do you think?

In any case, all kitchens are for sale from September 2015.

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    Ahoi bSquary
    August 15, 2015 at 09:15

    In general we are big fans of contrast. That is why the black/white kitchen is just great. Especially as the black has this great light effects. Nice !!

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