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One of these best parts about January, other than the new year, new start part obviously, it is also the time for brands to show us what they have been working on for the past year or so. The inbox is filling up with mails full of news these days – and I love it. Not everyone qualify for a full on blog post, you might see a few of their things pop-up here and there, and then there are other, where I basically cannot choose which pieces to show you, because they are all pretty amazing. Which is the case with Menu’s new collection. I thought I was kind of over with the whole marble thing, but this pedestal, yes please, even more yes to the black version – and the brass wall mirror (it will also be available in a metallic version, I like even more, there is just no photo to show you guys), also yes. I could basically just keep going, I mean, just look at the narrow tray table and the vase… and that couch. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, the slim, very subtle cast pendant.

It is actually very refreshing to see some new news from Menu, as I think that past seasons has been very much the same over and over again. So thank you Menu, for yet again, to be back with a lot more that I just know we will all crave for the new year.








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