Reproduction of one Danish Designs Forgotten Geniuses

When you think of it, those mid-century Danish designers really was a bunch of extremely busy and very productive men – at least based on the number of furniture that keeps being put back into production based on old drawings and photos from the archives.

I have already introduced some of Ib Kofod-Larsen’s work before, we know him from one of my favorite chairs, the Penguin. His work is very different from all the other very well-known Danish designers, one reason could be, that Ib is known for mixing different wood species, which traditionally doesn’t go very well with us Danes. We are very fond of just oak. I am not one of those Danes. I actually love when you see different woods mixed, hence I love Ib’s work. Ib also mostly work for a list of International design companies, especially in the US he became a bigger household name than in Denmark.

Well. A new old chair is going to be reproduced again by Magnus Olesen, this time it’s the lounge chair Model 107. The chair was designed in 1956 and will now be reproduced in its classic form and woods, but also a new and fresh update in different colors, which makes it a little bit cheaper than the classic versions. My favorite is definitely the black oak and teak armrest with grey fabric cushions.

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