Retail Therapy: 10 Stylish Side Tables With Interesting Features

I am a sucker for a nice side table, or a stool that also can be used as a table. I have a bunch already, and I really enjoy playing around with them, changing it around. I used them as bedside tables, coffee table, for plants and books – you know, what they are meant to be used for I guess. The only thing I don’t use them for is sitting, but then again, you don’t sit on the tables right?

Here my 10 favorites, all with a Scandi feeling, most all wood, one with a marble feature and one with subtle brass features, one even have a little door, all of them have interesting features in common.

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1. Stool Solid oak stool/table. Designed by Kristina Dam. Luxoliving*

2. Indskud Tray Table. Solid ash table. Designed by Terkel Skou Steffensen for Skagerak. Luxoliving*

3. Bruno 50. Accent table in black and oak. Designed by Pavel Vetrov for Temahome. Unoliving*

4. Building Table. Solid oak in two sizes, great combined. Designed by Bicolter for Skagerak. Luxoling*

5. Frame. Square sidetable with or without door. By ByLassen. Luxoliving*

6. TriAngle. 12 triangular elements making the square stool/table. Designed by Aldo Bakker. Karakter

7. Airisto. Round ash wood table. Designed by Joanna Laajisto. Made by Choice.

8. Knockout. Powder coated aluminum top with solid marble base. Designed by Friends & Founders. A+R Store*

9. Solid Square Log. Massive oak square logs with brass detail. Dry Studios

10. Lonna. T-shaped structured stool/table. Made by Choice.


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