Retail Therapy: 17 Artworks For Your Walls

Finding the perfect artwork for your walls is never easy. Today I want to share a few tips on how to choose the best for your walls and round up with a selection of my favorite pieces right now.

First of all, try not to just go with your first instinct and impulse buying. Quite often, you’ll up getting bored with your collection quickly. Stop a minute, challenge yourself. Some of my favorite pieces I didn’t love at first glance, but it grew on me. You also need to think about your collection as an overall collection, it need to have some common thread I think, and try buying bigger pieces instead of, like most people, keep buying smaller prints. There is something almost majestic about a wall with a floor to ceiling framed print. They are not easy to find, and you might have to find made-to-measure orders. And finally, use Instagram, there is a lot of your favorite bloggers or interior designers who constantly are using artworks in their styling.

Okay. So here are my favorites right now. I am really drawn to the graphic, simple silhouette, which you’ll see throughout my selection, but I have also included a few wall sculptures and a few pieces that can be ordered in almost any size you want and need.


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1. Object blanc no. 28 Print by Atelier CPH. Luxo Living*

2. One Soul. Art print by LouLou Avenue. The Poster Club

3. Architectonics. Photo poster. En Klam Ide

4. Gemini. Wall sculpture. Wulffwinding.

5. Nude Woman. Pen drawn poster. Henri Matisse*

6. Woman in Swimsuit. Soft colors print. Nord Projects

7. Relief. Ceramic art piece. Knabstrup

8. Just Blue Poster No. 3Strups*

9. Wonderland Blue. Print by Hein Studio. Luxo Living*

10. El Perro. Photo print by Jasper Carlberg. The Wall Market

11. Things Will Work Out. Art print by People I’ve Loved. The Poster Club

12. Black Beach. Black and white photo. Coco Lapine

13. Cable Car. Black and white photo by Morten K. Sorensen. The Wall Market

14. Geometric face No.1. Black shapes. BYCDesign

15. Shaken Not Stirred. Roger Moore photo by Peter Ruck. Sonic Editions

16. Black & White (BW1). Graphic art photo by Hagedornhagen. Rosborgshop

17. Would You Vote for Putin. Lithographical print by Heath Kane. Paper Works

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    March 11, 2018 at 16:46

    Hej Allan,

    Tak for inspiration til vægdekoration. Ved du hvor billedet fra nr. 4 er fra – altså ikke skulpturen, men selve billedet i rammen? 🙂


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