Revisiting Kurhotel Skodsborg – A Spa Hotel

Who doesn’t love a quick getaway? Just a few weeks ago I was invited for a staycasion, so I packed my overnight bag and ventured out to Kurhotel Skodsborg, just a quick train ride away from Copenhagen. I have been before, actually a handful of time, but nevertheless I was still pretty excited. I knew that the newly updated junior suite was waiting for me.

Skodsborg is an award winning spa hotel housing an all you can possible imaging spa and sauna area, outdoor plunging pools, amazing fitness and workout facilities, superb restaurants and of course beautiful rooms with stunning views.

We spent majority of the day in the spa area of course, and even tiptoed across the street after sitting in the sauna for 20 minute to jump in the freezing Baltic Sea. A cold experience, but also a must try experience.

As we only had one night at the great premises we decided to stay in bed as long as we could and ordered breakfast in bed, which only would have been even better, if we could have sat on the balcony (it was far too cold).

I highly recommend, if you have time to spare during your visit, to put on your walking shoes and make the walk to nearby Dyrehaven and the Hermitage hunting lodge.

//Photos and styling by Allan Torp

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