Road Tripping With BMW


When I told my friends I was going on a weeklong road trip to Prague via Berlin and then back to Copenhagen through Krakow and Warsaw, there was a few raised eyebrows. We have all be stuck in the backseat on endless miles on the Autoban going south in the 90s, back when flying was not as cheap as it is today – so we drove, everywhere. Surely this was a long trip, covering around 3000 km. (1900 miles) in 10 days, and I would not even have considered the drive if it wasn’t for the new BMW 420d Gran Coupé I had at my disposal.


How my dad was able to drive from Copenhagen all the way to Italy somewhere in more or less one go in 1995 is beyond me, like way way way beyond. Just thinking about driving that distance in a car without all the great gadgets today’s cars have, I just don’t understand how he was able to. The 420d Gran Coupé I was driving had the advantage package, which basically means that as soon as you hit the highway, all you have to do is control the wheel – the cruise control with breaking function/assistant keeps you cruising with a safe distance to any driving car in front of you at any speed. If a car breaks, you break, if a car turn out in front of you, you break. By “you” I mean the car, you don’t have to move a finger or foot – as I said, all you have to control is the wheel, literally.

The long drive was definitely a lot easier with this kind of car, and a lot more fun I guess. Now we just have to do something with those damn ferries from Denmark to Germany, that’s one thing that haven’t changed one bit since 1995. It is like a time machine.



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