Ruths Hotel, Skagen, Denmark

Last week I killed two birds with one stone, as I went full on road trip across the country to visit the most northern part of Copenhagen, Skagen. So two reviews coming up, first one here about the beautiful and historical Ruths Hotel.

More than 100 years ago, Emma and Hans Chr. Ruth started their first year as owners of the seaside guesthouse “Vesterhus”. The Ruth family took the first step in 1904 and opened “Badepensionatet Vesterhus” for summer guests. Later it came to be called Ruths Hotel. In 1917, Emma and Hans Chr.’s only daughter Dagmar and her much older Norwegian husband, Johan Olaf became hoteliers themselves and later they also took over the operation of Ruths Hotel. For more than 60 years, “Mama Dahler”, as Dagmar was lovely called by the family, the locals and by retuning summer guests, had a central role in Gl. Skagen.

The original Ruth Hotel is no longer, as it was neglected after Dagmar’s death, but thanks to Jørgen Philip-Sørensen, the hotel once again ooze of life. I was lucky enough to check into a gorgeous corner suite with a balcony with views of the endless sand dunes and very expensive and huge summerhouses along the coastline.

Many people might think that Skagen is only happening in week 29 (or at least that the general perception for Copenhageners at least) that is very far from the truth. I mostly enjoyed Gl. Skagen or the western part of Skagen, it is just so beautiful with all the yellow house with red tile roofs and white trimmings. The sand dunes are good for a long walk and you will also come across this kind of creepy, yet very compelling, abandoned house right on the coast. If you visit Ruths hotel during the weekend (which I didn’t) I hear their a la carte restaurant is amazing. I had a lovely dinner at the also super great brassiere.

When in Skagen, I would recommend visiting the Skagen museums, where you will experience some of Denmark’s greatest painters of all time. I did one, the Ancher House, which was just amazing. Oh and if you are driving to Skagen like I did, you pass Råbjerg Mile, a huge migrating coastal dune, you should take a turn and check it out, super fun.

— I was invited by Ruths Hotel, which means they covered all expenses in relation to my stay —


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