Sale is Good, Just Not Today – Apparently!

Obviously I am not for over spending, but we live in a time where we don’t bother repairing anything anymore. We buy new clothes and don’t even consider wearing our old ones until they fall apart. We replace our perfectly fine smartphones just because we can get a slightly better version. Right now, Black Friday – or Black Week in many places. – is fast becoming the thing we all love to hate… but secretly just love. We all enjoy a good sale, and Black Friday was created by manufacturers to get rid of surplus stock, rather than by product hungry consumers.

When influencers rant about the horror that is Black Friday, it rings hollow to me. I read posts about how Black Friday is against everything Influencer A or B believes, telling their readers not to buy stuff on that day. But we all – myself included – share products and brands all year round that we want to promote to our readers… Resulting in them purchasing products. Let’s by honest here: recommending products we love keep our platforms alive. Each click helps us finance our sites and lives. We share product pictures on Instagram and tag them because you ask us to… Don’t even get me started on the shops that decide to keep their stores closed today, but who will hold a sale in less than a month time, just before Christmas. I am not, by any means, trying to step on anyone’s toes here, just pointing out the double standards at play… I think, if you do Black Friday right it is a good thing. You shouldn’t just buy stuff for the sake of buying, but if you are really on the market for a new couch or new TV, why not get it when it’s on sale…

I try to be mindful of things I get and not just buy for the sake of buying. I think I do my share of donations for better lives in other parts of the world, who might not really care for a new iPhone, but worry more about having a roof over their head. I know I spent way too much CO2 flying across the Atlantic, but I try to sort as much of my garbage as possible, and to buy as little grocery wrapped in plastic as possible.

I think, as I pointed out to begin with, we should buy less, but buy better, that’s also why I started the healthier living series, but to say you shouldn’t buy the items on your wish list when they are on sale. And for me to say boycott Black Friday would just be wrong, when I just clicked home a few items I found on sale. So happy mindful Black Friday shopping to all of you guys. ?

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