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Last week ferm living gave us (the Danish bloggers and press) a sneak peek of their newest collection. I for one was very happy to see a shift in their collection, previous years, it has been a bit more to the feminine side with the colors and maybe also a bit too Inca inspired for my taste. This year, we will still see prints, but in a more neutral color scheme and not only pastel and nude colors, which I am really happy about.

Bungalow5_Ferm Living_2017_7

Bungalow5_Ferm Living_2017_8

Bungalow5_Ferm Living_2017_5

My favorites … not easy actually. I really appreciate the French Salon inspired cushions with delectable fashion fabrics. I also like the new bedding collection in subtle tonal shades and monochrome color ways – the all light blue and grey are my favorites though. And then there is the new Sento line, 100% organic towels. Very Hammam inspired, and I love the softness on one side and the “real” towel look on the other.

Bungalow5_Ferm Living_2017_4

Bungalow5_Ferm Living_2017_2

Bungalow5_Ferm Living_2017_1Bungalow5_Ferm Living_2017_3

But honestly, I could just keep going, because in all reality, the new collection is just never ending. And yes, that is me (with ferm living co-owner Trine Andersen), wearing a nude sweatshirt – I unintentionally matches the colors of the entire collection at the event.

Bungalow5_Ferm Living_2017_9

Event pictures by Chris Tonnesen // Image pictures by Ferm Living




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