Sculptural AND Sustainable Lamps Is the Most Pleasing Way You Can Spice Up Your Home Right Now

It’s so satisfying to watch, on and off, and the feeling of adding a stunning upcycled piece to your home is even better. Sustainability is one of the biggest buzzwords in the design industry these days, rightful so, most serious brands uses only FSC-certified wood and many are steering away from using plastic. In my opinion, not many great design brands have cracked the code making beautiful pieces upcycled from scraps.

For just a year the Danish design studio Lumière Bricoleur has been exploring the poetry of light in sculptural lamps, handmade with upcycled materials sourced locally in the streets and scrapyards of Copenhagen. Lumière Bricoleur’s first series consists of a range of distinct copper lamps sculpted like abstract origami from industrial debris, alongside lighting fixtures composed from other discarded materials, all revitalized in elegant forms.

The aesthetic is Scandinavian minimalism combined with a touch of Japanese wabi-sabi, an approach where imperfection is celebrated by accepting nature and time’s influence on materials.

All lamps are one of a kind, so not only will you add a great upcycled piece to your home, you’ll also add a very unique piece no one else got.

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