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It is finally Feast time again. Something I have looked forward to all summer. Feast is a shared food experience in the middle of Copenhagen. We want to celebrate the traditional traditions with food and solidarity. Together with Mira Arkin we will create a range of delicious courses and next time will be a tasting experience within Skagenfood’s universe. Yep, Thursday it is Feast Seafood time.

Normally the table is set around the big Normann Copenhagen table in my apartment, but as we wanted to celebrate summer, we have teamed up with Everclassic.com, as they have a killer rooftop. We will set the table with goodies by ferm Living – especially the new Neu collection will be the centre of attention.

The Neu stoneware collection is inspired by Bauhaus classics, using strictly geometric shapes. The look is softened by the vivid grey glaze, which adds a unique touch. I love the Neu collection because it brings a retro vibe to the table, without being too retro. It goes perfectly with modern cutlery, which we also will set the table with on Thursday. We will bring in a lot of flowers, cool small surprises and lots of great fish food prepared by Mira.

Seafood Feast is totally sold out, however, if you keep an eye out on fermliving’s Instagram, you can enter the competition giving you the change to win two tickets.

If you want to try Feast, there are still a few tickets left for ”Last of Summer Feast” September 17th or ” Mediterranean Feast” October 22nd.

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