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The spirit that was created by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen during the first twenty-five years of Bang & Olufsen’s life has survived until now. You could talk about them and their spirit like an organism that has carried the spirit with it. Those might sound like bog words, but there really is a Bang & Olufsen spirit. And if you come with an open mind, there is always the possibility of being a part of the Bang & Olufsen lifestyle – you just have to throw some extra cash in that piggy bank.

Since 1925 Bang & Olufsen have created and design great products from Struer. It all actually started in the attic of Quistrup Manor, the home of the Olufsen family, which is just a few kilometres from the current factory site. Today the house is home to Svend’s niece, Susanne Olufsen. The first factory was built in 1925 on the site where you find today’s factory.

The issue Bang & Olufsen products are for most that they do not come cheap, and I guess their obstinate stance on keep producing super overpriced design products where the technology really didn’t kept up with their competitors – a fact that almost meant the death of B&O. Luckily, they came to senses and has finally begun to produce Bang & Olufsen products, where design and technology are on point – like the new BeoSound Wireless Speaker System.


Many brands keep promising that their speakers now with modern technology provide us with a seamless wire-free experience where the track that pops into your head plays perfectly through your house. That is far from the truth though. We still find ourselves untangling cables and plugging in tinny speakers every time we have friends over. And the tinny speakers are good for daily use for sure, but when you want to rock a party, not so much.

Bang & Olufsen have actually now answered that dilemma with their flexible living range which makes your home set-up seamless. In other words – stylish technology designed with the impatient among us in mind.


BeoSound 1 and 2 Wireless Speaker Systems cut the cord of restriction and offer total freedom at home. Whether it is the playlist for your Christmas party or your Sunday cleaning track list, the soundtrack to your entertainment should be effortless not an interruption. No more stuttering Wi-Fi connections or awkward silences.

With a 16-hour battery life, the portable wireless speakers system gives you the freedom to actually enjoy home entertaining. The BeoSound 1 is a smaller option that still packs an impressive 4-inch woofer. The larger BeoSound 2 boasts the audio to give an immersive, room-filling sound. The speakers have a touch sensitive wheel for ease swiping between tracks and adjusting volume, which feels pretty swish too.


This post is in partnership with Bang & Olufsen. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.


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