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How are you holding up guys? Is it tough getting out of bed early again? How is work, already stressed out and in need of a new holiday? Been to the gym yet? In any case, I want to share with you something that will definitely put a smile on your face, make you totally relaxed and maybe even recharged to get through the day.

My good friends at Skandinavisk, you know the Danish scented candle company we all love? Well they have of course all about celebrating the Scandinavian region, the unique spirit and charm you find all over and help you relax every day. Check out the video below – but first, I want to talk a bit about what makes Scandinavia so special? What is the sense of Scandinavia?


Living in Copenhagen my whole life, it is really not something I think about a whole lot, however, when I travel, I see why many think we have a pretty good region and life in the North, except from the cold and dark winters and high taxes I guess. I have now spent almost five weeks in Cape Town meeting a lot of Caledonians of course, but also a few Americans, and over and over again, I have to tell about life in Denmark. How schools are free? How we have paid maternity leave for years? And how most people are taken care of if they get sick or unemployed. The all want to know about ”Hygge” of course, and that we know how to do for sure. I was even had a discussion about which country is the best in the world, and I know I am bias in this matter, because I do think, that in many ways, Denmark is one of the best countries in the world. But why are we so darn so happy, despite having the highest taxes? I don’t know. What I do know is, that Monday mornings is absolute chaos on the bike lanes and people are neither friends or happy, quite the contrary!

But take heart. I recently came across Michael Booth’s book, The Almost Nearly Perfect People that came out last year. He claims that life in the Nordic countries is not the utopia of popular American conception. Booth, who has lived in Denmark for a decade and travelled Scandinavia for research, reveals the true character of the region – not nearly as placid, contented, or well-adjusted as we’d like you all to believe. As Booth came to find out, residents of Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Norway are “brilliant and progressive” – and also “downright weird.” That is pretty accurate if you ask me, and a new American friend, told me that the other day: “dude, you are weird”.

We may very well be almost nearly perfect, but it isn’t easy being Scandinavian. Anyway, the new Skandinavisk movie just makes me long for those long summer nights, the warm summer breeze by the ocean, the endless fjords in Norway, sitting around a bonfire telling cock-and-bull stories with all my friends.

Photos & Movie © Skandinavisk

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