Simple, Bright Scandi Home in Copenhagen

After two years living in Singapore, my old assistant Trine Nørgaard has returned to Copenhagen, and only after being back for a few weeks, she decided to sell her apartment and buy a new one. This is the one that’s for sale, and small changes has been made since these pictures was taken, incl. the kitchen. It’s a stunning, you might call it an ego apartment, as the extra bedroom has been turned into a walk-in-closet-room for her and her boyfriend.

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Ego or not, this is the perfect example of a bright and airy, simple living, Scandi style home packed with great Danish design furniture from GamFratesi’s Bettle lounge chair* to Wegner’s Wishbone chair*. Although they changed the kitchen for a simpler palette, I particularly like the wooden front kitchen with leather handles and green tile counter top, as it used to look, and of course the shelf packed with Royal Copenhagen.

There is definitely a reason why I hired Trine in the first place and why she moved on to work for many of the Danish magazines – her style is girly, but impeccable.

//Photos by Gyrithe Lemche

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