Simple Tricks to Make Your Living Room Spring Ready


I am a firm believer that you shouldn’t change your furniture just because the trends tell you too, but a few seasonal changes can really help uplift and do your home wonders. A few simple things can do the trick – even a quick move around can even elevate a room and make it feel brand new. I teamed up with Jotex and focused on one room in particular and share a few, simple tricks to make your living room spring ready.

The most important thing, which Scandinavians master so well, is not over doing it, both when it comes to the furniture selection and the colours. A soft couch, a coffee table and an accent chair is a good way to elevate a space without making a huge investment, it is all you need to make up a welcoming living room for you and your guests. Jotex has a huge selection of everything you need without blowing the bank, so I think it is a good place to start if you are just starting your first home or just need a few items to spouse up your space.

When thinking about Scandinavian living room colours, most people have a tendency to go super neutral, but be careful of going overboard. If you go with neutrals for the big items, like sofas, armchairs and if you want to be on trend right now, opt for a bigger glass table, then you can afford to go a bit bold with decorative accessories — that way, you can easily swap out the small things when a new colour scheme is in order.

I based my living room around the Warren Platner inspired coffee table from Jotex. We are all fan of Mr. Platner’s work, but not everyone can afford it. In their well-assorted selection, I also found a new graphic woolen rug, which I absolutely love. The natural colors really frame and enhances all the furniture. For the finishing touches, I added new pillows to the couch, one in corduroy and one pleated, and a few simple grey vases and pots, which is perfect alone or with a big sculptural plant.

Here are a few other ideas on how to give your living room a makeover without getting a call from you bank accountant:

– Simply move things around. You might think that your current layout is the only way, but quiet often, it is not. Start by moving the couch to another wall or maybe even have it free standing, move your plants to another corner, rearrange your things in your shelves.

– Watch the Netflix series Marie Kondo, if you haven’t already, and give your living room a spring clean out. There is always something that doesn’t speak to you anymore and needs a new owner. While rearranging the shelves, you might as well get it decluttered.

– Air out any area rugs

– Rearrange your gallery wall

– Upcycle a piece of furniture, it’s crazy what a fresh coat of paint can do

– Get new covers for your pillows

Posted in partnership with Jotex. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Thanks for supporting collaborations that I am excited about and that have kept Bungalow5’s doors open.

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