Six true guardian angles

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Are you all set for Christmas yet? Gone all out with your Christmas decorations?

Did you know that Sancta Lucia is the blinds guardian angle? Here in Scandinavia most people associate Sancta Lucia with December 13th, where kids parade while singing and wearing white dresses and candle rings on their heads.

The story about Sancta Lucia is actually pretty dramatic and very moving. It is about a young, rich and beautiful young woman, who want to be a nun and refuses to marry a roman man. She stabs out her eyes in front of the judges in an attempt to not look pretty anymore. Often Sancta Lucia is portrait as a woman with her eyes in her hands, which is also why she has become the guardian angle for the blind.

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And why am I telling you guys this story? Well… this year textile designer Astrid Skibsted have created an exclusive and very unique Sancta Lucia angle, which will help the Danish Association for the Blind to raise money to help visual impairment kids.

By donating 300 DKK or more, you will receive 6 of these beautiful and decorative angles. They are not for sale and can only end up as your Christmas guardian angles through donation and unfortunately only available for Danish residents. Donate and get your angles here.

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