Sleek and Clean Looks from the New Samsung Galaxy S10

I really couldn’t imagine not having my phone by my side pretty much at all times, it’s as certain as putting on pants in the morning. You basically are naked without it right? We can discuss how it might push us further apart, that we don’t interact with each other face to face anymore, while the latter might be true, it has never been easier to get in touch and meet people across the globe. I am probably no different from most people, I use my phone all the time, if not for calls, then texts, games, emails, but most certainly also taking photos and keeping up on all the different social medias. I have met many of my good friends through Instagram, not only in Copenhagen, but worldwide. And if it wasn’t for my phone, I would never have met my husband – and we both use our phones to connect every day. My point is, if it wasn’t for our phones, our days would be so much different, and if you ask me, not better.

I’ve been a happy Samsung user since the Note8 came out in 2017, since I’ve upgraded to the Note9 and now, the Galaxy S10+. The design is great, I’ve always loved the sleek and clean look, pretty much ever since the Galaxy S6. They have changed the proportions, stretched the screen and increased it in size, so with the S10, you really get a super nice design phone – and I love the full screen mode. Continuing on the upgrade side, it is much more powerful, and the battery is SO much better and longer lasting. And while I love my wireless headphones, I do appreciate that they have left in the headphone jack too.

Another key feature, which might even be the main feature, is the screen. From what I can tell, comparing to my friends with other phone brands, Samsung is miles in front. I would actually even consider and enjoy watching Netflix on the phone now, especially on longer flights. Because, let’s be honest, the phone screen is much better resolution than those built-in monitors onboard most flights, at least in economy.

I’ve always been a fan of the Samsung camera. It’s perfect in daylight and works great in lower lighting. I cannot wait to follow the development of an even better super low lighting camera. Right now you can  get a very decent shot of your favorite artist at any concert, would love that to be even better. The fun update is the ultra-wide-angle camera feature giving you 123-degree field of vision, which I cannot wait to explore much more in the future. I am also super stoked about how the camera works in video, especially when in motion, its super steady and gives you smooth videos without the motion sickness – it kind of have its own built-in stabilizer.

Last thing I want to point out, is how the entire phone is covered in Gorilla Glass 6, which basically means its unbreakable. They say it can survive up to 15 drops. I am not going to make that test, but when I got a presentation of the phone, they actually tried to scratch the phone with a knife. Maybe even more important, the material also helps facilitate what is arguably the device’s most compelling new feature: Wireless PowerShare. Samsung’s not the first company to roll out the feature — Huawei introduced the feature on the Mate 20 Pro last year. Still, it’s a cool feature and, perhaps most importantly, it beat Apple to the punch. So yes, you can leave all those other cables at home, you just need one for your phone – you can charge other phones, headphones, your watch, etc.

So, let me just end this long – almost too – technical talk with saying, if you are considering a new phone, Samsung is solid choice. It’s easy to use and fits in your hand and pocket nicely. And don’t be afraid of making the jump from other brands, you’ll have it all learnt in no time.

Just remember to put the phone down once in a while, especially when you are together with people, just to get some face to face time and real human interaction also.


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