Small Changes, Big Impact – 3 Easy Improvements You Can Make This Weekend

As I prepare for moving, which thanks to the orange dude in the white house just got suspended at least until end of summer or early autumn, you know I have started to slowly sell out of the furniture I don’t want to bring. Last week I sent of the vintage Wegner I got just last year. My initial idea was to ship it over to use in the Big Bear cabin, but decided on something different, so it got to live up someone else’s living room.

With one less chair in the living room, I got space again for my Karin. It seriously is one of my favorite pieces in my home, so glad it could move from my office back into the living room. I also updated the living room with a few other pieces, like the new small print and one of the vintage stools I found online not too long ago.

As most of us have been spending a lot more time at home, changing things up a bit is a good trick to not grow tired of it all and just spend even more time watching Netflix. Get up make a few simple changes, which not only make your home look and feel better right now, but it’s also a good way of seeing your home in a new light.

Often moving everything around seems too big of a task, because we all know, what might seem easy, will end up taking the whole weekend. Start with some smaller tasks, like adding a new print, changing out lamp, now really is the perfect time to get going with a project that give you and your home a little pick me up.

Here are a few other ideas to give your home a spring update.


Area rugs has been in style for long, and while I don’t see the wall-to-wall rug happing again anytime soon, I do love the sensation of stepping on a rug. Besides the obvious softness factor, it is a very easy way to add color in your home, without having to spend the weekend painting. And if your rental, like mine, suffers from boring, easily scratched floors a rug seems like exactly what you need.

Check out this post if you need inspiration for new rugs, 7 Rugs That Will Add a Dose of Eye Candy to Your Floors.


Styling a bookshelf is one of my favorite things to do, as it really shows of one’s personality and it is such an easy thing to do to elevate and change the look of a room. It really doesn’t get any easier – and the best part, it won’t cost you anything.

Where you start? Get my quick tips for styling, Rearranging Your Bookshelved 101

Update Your Gallery Wall

If you still have large empty walls, you need to get a gallery wall going, stat! And if you already have one, then it’s probably time to change up a few of the images with new. While the term “gallery wall” may feel like a buzz word in the design world, the fact of the matter is that this decorating trick for filling empty wall space is not just a trend and won’t be going away any time soon. It’s an age-old way to display artwork and collections and will also work around those odd spaces in your home.

Check out my post Playing with 7 New Prints for the New Year and New Living Room Gallery Wall if you need more inspiration to get started.

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