Sophisticated City Artwork by Studio Esinam

We were looking at artwork for both the guesthouse and the office the other day, Mr. LA fell in love with a few city map prints, which I do have a little hate relation towards, I just explained that they were just everywhere a few years ago, and very few was actually cool – and honestly, I had to dig deep to remember those cool ones. One that came to mind, is Studio Esinam, who treads that extra special line between contemporary every day art and art that sparks conversation. One might argue, it is not really a city map, but they send you across the world bringing you closer to some of the world’s finest architecture in all major cities.

The Swedish duo are fascinated by open spaces, urban high-rises and historic buildings, which has prompted them both to explore architectural cities across the globe, including Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and New York. Each city has its own unique feeling, texture and sculptural beauty.

A luckily for us, they have our two favorite cities in the portfolio – Los Angeles and Copenhagen.

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